Shaka is a 10 month old Border Collie who has an unfortunate habit of eating things he shouldn’t!
In August of this year Shaka managed to eat some gorilla glue.

This can be very problematic as it expands and sets which could cause an obstruction in the stomach or bowel. Shaka was given some initial treatment and monitored closely over the next day and a half for signs of vomiting and un-wellness. Unfortunately Shaka did start vomiting and the following day surgery was performed to remove the glue from the stomach as x- rays confirmed it had set solid.
Shaka recovered well from the surgery and was discharged back home the following day. A couple of check ups later and his owners confirmed Shaka to be his usual self again.
We are so pleased that his recovery went to plan and hope he learns not to do it again!

Shaka’s owners tell us “The worst nightmare of any pet owner must be to find their pet has taken something which could be potentially harmful to them.

In my case my young Border Collie decided to attack a tube of Gorilla glue which I had been using that day. I found the tube on the floor full of teeth marks. Shaka had dry glue on both of his front paws and around his mouth. The first concern was, had he swallowed any of the glue, I gave him a biscuit which he ate without any problems, so at least nothing was wrong with his mouth.

A visit to the vets gave no indications of any problems but he then spent the night at the emergency vets at Reading where a scan did show something in his stomach. It was only a few days later when I took him back to the vets was something solid was felt in his stomach. The next “panic”, had the glue set and was sticking to the stomach walls and how do you remove it?. As luck would have it this type of glue had expanded to form a mould of the stomach and could be removed by surgery.

The operation was successful and within a few weeks life was back to normal a happy, full of life puppy, into everything, playing with his best friend my 3 yr old Sheltie.