Client Care

Sue Ashton

Hello, my name is Sue and I have been a receptionist here at GP Vets since 2007. I have loved animals all my life and have owned a wide variety including horses and bearded dragons. I grew up in London and have had a lot of customer care/reception jobs so when I was offered a job at GP Vets I jumped at the chance. I currently have Duke the Labrador and 3 cats, one of which I hand reared when he came into the surgery at 1 day old. I enjoy my job and love working as a team within the practice.

Debbie Butler

Hello I’m Debbie, the morning receptionist at our Basingstoke branch. I’ve worked for GP Vets since April 2003, joining the team after completing work experience whilst studying an Animal management course at college. In my spare time, I enjoy walking our 2 dogs and the company of our cat and tortoise. My hobbies include crafts, knitting jumpers for our tiny Chihuahua, and making preserves.

Toni Cooper

Hi I’m Toni.  I joined the team in November 2017 although my family has been clients of the practice since the 1960s!  I currently study Animal Management full time, with a long-term goal of becoming a Veterinary Nurse.  All of this around bringing up two children is definitely a challenge but I love it.

We have owned a menagerie of animals over the years, but I currently have 5 cats, and a ferret who came into the practice lost.  I wasn’t planning on keeping him but I kind of fell in love, so he’s now been added to the family.

Marian Dyer

Hi my name is Marian, also known as Mash! I originate from Sussex by the sea, having lived on the coast all my life I felt it time for a change of scenery and my partner Tony and I chose to move to Tadley in 2012 to be near family. We really enjoy the greenery of the countryside and the feeling of community. My role at GP Vets is the first time I have worked with animals and I really enjoy meeting and getting to know our clients and their pets. Currently I have two beautiful kittens, adopted from here, naturally, 2 guinea pigs, Wall-E the Rex Rabbit, a tortoise and 2 goldfish.

Sue Isden

Hi my name is Sue I am relatively new to the team but have been a client for many years with my rabbits cats and dogs , I currently have Reggie who is a 1 year old Border Terrier who I love dearly.
I have always wanted to work with animals ever since I was little now my dream has come true.

My background is in retail management and customer service.

Evie Lloyd

Hi, my name is Evie and I have worked at GP Vets since July 2010 and I am a mum to 3 grown up babies. I have two very soppy but excitable Staffies called Denzel and Indi, a cat called Tinker plus 5 female Guinea pigs which are all named after Disney characters. I enjoy meeting and chatting to our clients and their pets. I enjoy walking the dogs with my husband, especially coastal walks.

Taylor Murphy

Hi, I’m Taylor I joined GP Vets in November 2017 from the fashion retail sector. I love all animals but my favourites are dogs; I have grown up with animals including rabbits, fish, dogs and even a chameleon! We have 2 rabbits called Cookie and Crumble and a Black German Shepard called Sheba, who we rescued from Dogs Trust in Salisbury. She did not have the best start in life but since living with us she’s learnt to be a very snuggly girl!

Lisa Waters

I am the newest member of the team on reception. I absolutely love the job and the team are great. I have a great love and passion for all animals great and small. I especially love black cats.

I have lived in Basingstoke since I was about 6 months old. I have a young daughter who keeps me busy most of the time. In my spare time if I have any, I like to make homemade jewellery, mostly earrings. and do a bit of card making. I love listening to music and my taste in music is varied. I can also play the drums, I passed Grade 4 some years ago, although I have no room for a drum kit now as I have had to make room for baby toys.

Emma Watts

Hi, I’m Emma. I joined GP Vets part time in 2004 whilst I studied my Animal Management diploma at college. I sadly left the practice in 2010 after graduating from university and gained full time employment as a veterinary nurse working as a claims assessor with a pet insurance company. Now several years, a husband and two young children later I am very happy to have rejoined the team working Saturday mornings at our Tadley practice.

At home we have our large handsome boy Marnie who is an old Tyme Bulldog (our children think of him as a small horse), two beautiful cats Winston and DJ and Lonesome George the tortoise.

Jackie Wicks

I worked in veterinary reception for 10 years previously and loved it, when my daughter went to school I took a job in a school so the hours and holidays fitted with child care. When I wanted to return to reception work there was nothing available except doctors reception so I did that for 4yrs until I became aware of this position.  Very happy to be back doing this now.
I have a cocker spaniel Rosie who is my total baby, and my hiking, beach and camping companion.  I have a big grumpy ginger tom called Simba,  and 2 young cats called Maple and Dandi who are complete terrors and cause mayhem wherever they go in the house egging each other on.

Shelagh Wootten

Hello, I’m Shelagh, one of the evening receptionists at our Basingstoke Branch. I joined the Team in November 2017, after 30 years in the education sector. I love being around animals and we have a two year old cat and an 11 year old American Cocker Spaniel. He is a bit special as he now has no eyes following doggy Glaucoma. Walks are a lot slower as they have turned into sniffs but he has amazed us all. One  year on he is coping really well and it is thanks to our experience as clients at GP Vets that  I’m now enjoying my new work in the world of animals.