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GP Vets are based in Basingstoke and Tadley. On our website you will find details of the practice and the services we offer. Follow this link for examples of our prices.

Budget monthly & save

Our Healthy Pet Club provides the routine care your pet will need throughout the year. It also allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments and make substantial savings.

Petplan insurance

At GP Vets, we are delighted to offer Petplan Pet Insurance as part of our commitment to the best possible care for our clients and their pets. See our dedicated pet insurance page.

Bertie is delighted to offer all his Healthy Pet Club members 17% off everything on the Christmas Stand! Why not buy a special new toy or treat for your furry best friends? We are looking forward to seeing you all! (10% off for non-members) Christmas is exciting for our furry family too, as long as we keep them safe. All our toys and treats are … Continue reading **DECEMBER OFFER** Christmas Stand Discount »
Shaka is a 10 month old Border Collie who has an unfortunate habit of eating things he shouldn’t! In August of this year Shaka managed to eat some gorilla glue. This can be very problematic as it expands and sets which could cause an obstruction in the stomach or bowel. Shaka was given some initial treatment and monitored closely over the next day and a … Continue reading NOVEMBER – SHAKA »
Bailey is 8 years old. When he was rescued by his owners several years ago, he somewhat landed on his feet. In March this year, Bailey came in for some dental work, which also included having a routine blood test. The blood test revealed that he had high glucose levels, and a further test was performed confirming Bailey is diabetic.       He was … Continue reading OCTOBER – BAILEY »
Bertie's Healthy Pet Club members can save a massive 17% on Adaptil, Feliway and Nutracalm - join the Club and receive this discount TODAY (10% discount for non-members) Beautiful Autumn brings extra stress to our furry family as Hallowe'en and Firework Night approaches. Make sure you keep them happy by stocking up on calming products; after all, we want to do all we can to … Continue reading ***AUTUMN OFFER*** **SAVE ON ADAPTIL, FELIWAY And NUTRACALM Throughout October And November** »
All Bertie's Rabbit Gang Members receive a free hutch cleaner and a toy this month! Join in August to receive these free gifts in addition to all your other benefits! Keeping rabbit and guinea pig hutches clean is one of the most important preventers of flystrike, which often proves fatal to our small furries.…/Flystrikedontgetcaughtout.… Pop into your local surgery and pick up your treat … Continue reading ***August Offer – FREE Hutch Cleaner and Rabbit Toy*** »
Somer is a 16 year old young lady who, although born with Noonan Syndrome, has the dreams and aspirations of most girls of her age.  She joined us for work experience during the late Spring as a prelude to having been accepted to Sparsholt College to commence basic animal training in September. Her infectious personality, determination to succeed and willingness to undertake any task asked of … Continue reading A Wheelchair For Somer »
MMP (MODIFIED MAQUET PROCEDURE) FOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT REPAIR AT GP VETS We are excited to now offer this surgery at GP Vets.  This procedure is suitable for all breeds and sizes and allows the surgery to take place in the comfort of the GP Vets surgery. A ligament is a band of connective or fibrous tissue that connects two bones in a joint; the cranial … Continue reading WHAT’S NEW AT GP VETS? »